How to Weave in Ends to Finish Your Crochet Project

Learn how to weave in ends three different directions using this tutorial.

How to Weave in Ends to Finish Your Crochet Project


  • Finished crochet project
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

Pre-requisite: Finished crochet project


Using a yarn needle (sometimes also called darning needles, or tapestry needles) thread the yarn through the needle’s eye. Note: Make sure the eye of the needle you are using is large enough for the yarn itself.

Tips on threading yarn: moisten end of yarn just a bit and flatten to easily pull through the eye of the needle.

Weave ends step 1

I normally start by going down the edge of my project on the same side as the yarn was knotted off. I place my needle underneath loops and weave it in, so that when I pull the yarn tight, you can’t see it. Don’t worry about getting this wrong, you can always unthread your needle and pull it out and redo it at this first step. I also start as close to the end knot as I can get so that the yarn doesn’t bunch up.

weave ends step 2

Now, I continue along another direction, using the same technique. In this example, I’m going to go back up toward my knot, but going through different loops. By doing this, the goal is for the end yarn to not become unraveled in the wash.

weave ends step 3

Lastly, complete the same step in one final direction. For this, I sometimes go across the project.

weave ends step 4

Depending on how much yarn I have left, I sometimes continue on and weave in a few additional times, however for purposes of this tutorial, I am going to end it at 3. I recommend weaving a minimum of 3 times. Now that you are finished weaving in your ends, pull your yarn out of your yarn needle and pull on your project a bit so that it’s looser (after you just pulled that last yarn tight). Using your scissors, cut the yarn off as close to the project as you can get without cutting your actual project.

weave ends step 5

That’s it! You now have a project that you can enjoy. Watch the video below to watch the tutorial in action.

Also, if you have questions about washing your yarn, be sure to visit our post on it here!









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