Tulle Dish Scrubby – Free Crochet Pattern

I’ve made many dish scrubbies over the years, but this tulle dish scrubby has been a clear stand-out amongst the crowd. I use them, I gift them, If I had an unlimited money supply I’d probably ensure everyone in my neighborhood had one–they are THAT good. This tulle dish scrubby is a double-sided, durable, dish cleaning machine. And anything that helps me easily clean these dishes is a win for me.

For this pattern you will create two dish scrubbies and join them together to create one. The tulle dish scrubby fits easily into your hands, and is an easy way to clean around the problem areas of your pots and pans, while also being gentle enough not to harm them (Please note: They’ve never harmed mine. As always, please do a test run first because I’d hate for you to ruin anything as expensive as pots and pans. Don’t purchase sparkly tulle or anything beaded for this project.)


Tulle Dish Scrubby – Free Crochet Pattern

Skill Level:



Tulle (6″ bolt)
Crochet Hook – Size J
Yarn Needle with large eye


ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
sl st – slip stitch






Make a slip knot on your hook.

Ch 5. Sl st in first chain to create a circle.

Ch 1. SC 12 in circle. Join with sl st.

Ch 3. DC in same stitch. 2 DC in each SC stitch the rest of the way around the scrubby. (24 Total) Join with sl st. Weave in ends.

(Create 2 of these, but on the second, don’t weave in the end on the outside edge.)

Joining the tulle scrubbies together.

Place scrubbies together with the right sides facing outward. Using your crochet hook, slip stitch under each outside stitch to join them together. At the end, sl st to the first in the row, cut tulle, and weave in ends.


Care Instruction:

As a sturdy material that dries very quickly, I throw these in the washing machine (you can use a mesh bag if you wish, but I do not). Air dry.







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