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Triple Crochet Stitch Tutorial (Treble Crochet)

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The triple crochet stitch, alternatively called the treble crochet stitch, is another stitch that is part of our beginner Learn to Crochet series. It’s a basic stitch that adds even more height to your crochet projects, and is the first stitch you’ll learn where you will have to yarn over twice before inserting your hook to perform the stitch. Triple crochet is abbreviated as tr when you are reading patterns.

Due to this stitch being taller in nature, it’s often used in a lot of patterns where you are crochet a mesh type of fabric, or you can even see this stitch combined with several stitches as a part of a cluster of stitches. It has an open feel to it and is great if you want to create a loose fabric, such as an oversized sweater, or shawl.

How to do the Triple Crochet Stitch

This tutorial demonstrates how to do the triple crochet stitch when you are right-handed and I use US Crochet Terminology for these instructions.

At the end of you foundation chain, start by yarning over twice and insert your hook into the 5th chain from the hook. If you are starting on the second row, you’d chain 4 to get to the height needed for triple crochet, and then you’d yarn over twice, and crochet into the second stitch.

Yarn over and pull your yarn through to the front so that you have four loops on your crochet hook.

Yarn over and pull through the first two.

Yarn over and pull through the second two.

And lastly, yarn over and pull through the final two loops on your hook to complete the stitch.

Watch How to Triple Crochet (Video Tutorial)

In this right-handed video demonstration, you’ll learn how to do the triple crochet (or treble crochet) stitch. Please note that all terms I use in this tutorial are based on US crochet terminology.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Triple Crochet Stitch

What is a treble stitch in the UK?

If you want to read more about the differences in US vs UK crochet terminology, please ready my post on it. A treble stitch in the UK is actually a double stitch in US terms.

Is treble crochet the same as triple crochet?

Yes, in US terms, it’s the exact same stitch. It’s simply known by two different names.

Is this the longest crochet stitch?

No. The longest crochet stitch is the quadruple treble. For this stitch, you yarn over four times to begin the stitch.

Thanks for reading! As always, let me know if you have any questions. Happy crocheting!







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