Patterns to Crochet for Valentine's Day

The Best Free Patterns to Crochet for Valentine’s Day

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Looking for  some cute patterns to crochet for Valentine’s Day? I was too, so I decided to comb Pinterest today, and look, it worked out in everyone’s favor! I found so many cute free crochet patterns for us to add to our ever-growing lists. But the underlying question is. . .would you rather receive yarn than flowers and chocolate?

Um. . .yes.

Crochet for Valentine’s Day

Since I’ve found a variety of different patterns, I’ve decided to segment them into groupings, for an easier read. Some of you are into hearts and roses, and others might be looking for something to make as a gift for someone else, or for your child to give at school. I like to include a lot of variety in my pattern collection posts, so I hope that you will find something useful! Also, I’ve kept this a list of free crochet patterns from the Internet. Some sites might require you to sign up to receive a copy you can print, but otherwise, I like free! Right?

Valentine Gifts to Crochet

If you’re looking for a gift to give someone else for Valentine’s Day, or a pattern you can crochet for your child to gift at school, here’s a quick list of items that I’ve found.

Valentine’s Day Gift Bag – Little Doolally

This adorable crocheted heart gift bag is a must if you are planning on giving someone a whole bunch of kisses (Hershey’s, that is). In this post, she shares the pattern and the instruction for putting the bag together. I can’t wait to make this cute little thing!

Heart and Sole Crochet Slippers – My Hobby is Crochet

These heart slippers would make for a cozy gift this February! Available in women’s and children’s sizes, the author shares the heart graph and written instruction for how to make these. They are low cut, and I think my favorite thing is that you have the ability to trim the opening with the same color as the heart. Very cute!

Reversible Valentine’s Heart Crochet Pillow – MB Stitches

This pattern is really cool. It’s a pillow crocheted using the single crochet stitch and then the detail for the heart pattern is actually cross-stitched onto the crochet. I’ve seen this concept done a few times, and love the idea for a pillow, because the texture looks amazing! The two opposing panels are stitched together with both colors, giving a nice accent to the main design.

Candy Hearts Pillow – Pixel Perfect Crochet

I normally wouldn’t include two pillow designs in a roundup (unless it were about pillows, of course), but I had to include this one because of its sheer uniqueness. I’m glad I stumbled upon this blog because it is now on my list of favorites. This pillow is part one in a two part series of candy heart pillows. It’s done using the C2C stitch, which is a favorite one of mine, and is a colorful masterpiece, finished off with pom pom edges. This pillow definitely would get the conversation brewing about these conversation hearts.

Valentine Hearts to Crochet

Crochet Emoji Valentines – Golden Lucy Crafts

When seeking out hearts to crochet, I wanted to grab a variety, and this pattern definitely offers that! The Crazy Face Heart Emoji is a free pattern, and the author has created five more emoji hearts that you can find on her blog! These would be super fun to hand out to friends.

Crocheted Puffy Hearts – 5 Little Monsters

These puffy crochet hearts would be great to sew into the arms of a stuffed animal, or to leave plain and to decorate with on their own. The author walks through how to crochet the shell, how to stuff, and how to close the crochet heart.

Crochet Heart + DIY Heart Garland – Midwestern Moms

This simple crochet heart is one that you will find yourself stitching over and over again! The author of this post has easy to follow written instruction, a video, and even a section on how to make the hearts larger. In another linked article, she even gives instructions on how to take all of your hearts and put them together to make a garland.

Scandinavian Heart Motif – Haakmaarraak

This unique heart pattern also happens to made out of the Hygge yarn. I’ve seen this in the store and have been pondering what I could make with it. . .this looks like a perfect place to start!

Rosy Heart – Mia’s Heartful Hands

This pattern PDF is a great rose and heart combo. I like that you can print these pattern right away and the author also provides some instruction on blocking your heart pattern. Blocking is important when you have

Crochet Valentine Toys

Stuff and Spill Valentine Box – Left in Knots

This cute toy for babies or toddlers is a mailbox to stuff with Valentine’s items. I love this idea, because we all know how small children love to play with items that separate, and that they can put back together, and this is one that is safe for them to play with over and over again. This free pattern features the instructions for how to crochet and assemble the mailbox, and the contents (an envelope, and two different hearts, and how to decorate so that the items are non-toxic in case the kiddos happen to put anything in their mouth.

Whale You Be Mine: Crochet Whale Amigurumi – Spin a Yarn Crochet

This pattern is for his and hers whale amigurumi figures. I love the colors used in the author’s version, and think that this would be an awesome toy for any kiddo that loves whales!

Valentine’s Cupid Doll – Haru Leven Handicrafts

The free pattern for this adorable doll is available for download on Ravelry. This cute cupid features curly blonde hair, and wings, and is holding a heart.

Funny Bunny – lilleliis

A toy that the author states is great for beginners, this bunny is comprised of nine crocheted pieces. The instructions come in multiple languages, and the pattern takes only about one skein of yarn!

Crochet Teddy Bear with Heart – Amigurumi Today

It wouldn’t be a Valentine’s roundup without a teddy bear! I love how the pattern author has written this one, and how the photos help show you how to join the bear together in detail. This is a super cute pattern!

Crochet Valentine Roses

Crocheted Rose Pattern – My Giant Strawberry

This rose is dainty and unique. A perfect start for an entire bouquet of crochet flowers! The author shows how she has used these in multiple other projects to give you ideas for so many ways to use your roses.

Realistic Roses – Happy Berry

A beautiful long-stem rose, complete with leaves. This realistic rose will be one that sticks around way past a regular Valentine’s Rose and will last a lifetime. This pattern is made with great detail and the roses look lifelike.

How to Crochet a Rose (Video) – She’s Crafty via YouTube

In this easy to follow video, she walks you through the steps on how to crochet a rose. I love video tutorials because you can follow the instructions exactly and don’t end up having to undo as much if you make a mistake, because you can generally catch it right away. These roses are beautiful!

Rose Crochet Flower Pattern – Crochet Beja

A beautiful rose pattern, even showing it crocheted in multiple colors, and a video tutorial. I love the look of the two-color flowers.

Additional Valentine’s Day Crochet Patterns

Owl Will Always Love You: Caddy Crochet Pattern – Holly’s Hobbies

This cute little caddy can transport your Valentine’s Day cards or candy! I definitely couldn’t finish this post off without a cute owl pattern (you guys, I have a soft spot for owls). I think this might be a great idea for a teacher gift!

Crochet Heart Coffee Cozy – Once Upon a Cheerio

What a cute idea for a useful gift! Coffee cozy patterns are great for coffee lovers, and this one would also be great for Valentine’s Day!

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day pattern to crochet? If so, comment below!







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