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15 Ridiculously Cute Patterns for Crochet Baby Boots

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There’s a new baby in our family (not mine) that I’m already very excited to shower with love and handmade things! Since it’s winter here, I have been looking up patterns for crochet baby boots to make over on Etsy and figured I’d share some of my findings with you!

I am an Etsy affiliate, so if you happen to click on one of these patterns for crochet baby boots and purchase them, I will get a bit of a commission. To that, I say Thank You! Plus, I love supporting small business owners who take the time to create and test patterns like this for us!

Patterns for Crochet Baby Boots

I hope that you’re able to find some of the cutest patterns for crochet baby boots from this roundup. They all make me want to pick up my hook and get to work!

Patterns for Crochet Baby Boots

crochet snow boots
Photo Credit Inventorium via Etsy

Summit Snowboots Pattern

First of all, the detail on this boot is amazing. From the laces all the way to the fur, this boot just makes me smile. These would make such a great gift for those who are just learning to walk, or a fabulous photo prop for a winter scene with your little ones!

Winter Snow Boots
Photo Credit AliceInCloudland via Etsy

Winter Snow Booties

These Winter Snow Booties have a crochet fur accent that is just right. I personally love them in brown, but I think you could also make them in black, or even a two tone with green on the bottom to resemble duck boots!

Baby Wrap Booties
Photo Credit TwoGirlsPatterns via Etsy

Baby Wrap Boot

These Baby Wrap Boots are stylish! The details and even the wooden buttons make this a very posh boot for your favorite little princess. Plus, the softness of the yarn and the fact that they are handmade will make mom smile!

Baby Mukluk Inspired Boots
Photo Credit AFrayedKnotBoutique via Etsy

Mukluk Inspired Crochet Boots

I’ll admit that Mukluk or tribal inspired boots are some of my favorites as an adult. I have several pair in my own closet. That’s why these little booties caught my eye. Look at the crocheted detail on these. It looks like it uses some fair isle crochet, which makes a beautiful pattern. I love the color in these!

Crochet Baby Cowboy Boots
Photo Credit TwentySecondStreet via Etsy

Crochet Baby Cowboy Boots

No boot roundup would be complete without a pair of cowboy boots! These are some of the cutest I’ve seen, and the detail is amazing. I especially like the stitched pattern into the side of the boot. This is a great technique to showcase patterns in your work that you might not be able to achieve with a regular crochet stitch.

Crochet Baby Moccasins
Photo Credit matildasmeadow via Etsy

Crochet Baby Mocassin Boots

How cute are these baby crochet mocassin boots? The color changes and details in the top of the boot, and the even yarn strands make this boot one to remember for sure!

Baby Crochet Construction Boots
Photo Credit matildasmeadow via Etsy

Crochet Baby Construction Boots

I adore how close these boots resemble a pair of Timberland work boots! From the darker brown tops to the multi-colored laces, these would be a cute match to mom or dad’s work boots! I also love the button on the side. I’ll have to look around more to see where the tree button came from, but it’s adorable, and matches the overall look of the boot.

Crochet Baby Boots
Photo Credit PatternMa via Etsy

Crochet Winter Baby Boots

These crochet boots would be adorable on a baby girl. I can also imagine them in multiple colors with that same fur and button closure. An adorable pattern for sure!

Winter Booties
Photo Credit OnePaisleyPig via Etsy

Work Sock Winter Booties

Okay, so honestly. . .I’d like to make myself a pair of these boots. From the lace placement, colored accents, and wooden buttons, these boots are just adorable. I love the fur and that the laces go over the fur. Just a very well crafted boot that I think would be adorable on any baby.

Crochet Cable Boots
Photo Credit TwoGirlsPatterns via Etsy

Crochet Cable Boots

Crochet cables are probably one of my favorite things to make, only because I adore the look and texture that they produce. I’ve actually made these boots before with a pink accent (instead of yellow) and they turned out amazing.

Crochet Boots
Photo Credit matildasmeadow via Etsy

Crochet UGG Inspired Boots

I love looking at all of the UGG inspired crochet boots on Etsy. These are probably some of my favs. I love how the white color is detailed throughout and think the fur at the top just makes this boot! A very cute crochet boot pattern for kiddos.

Crochet Strappy Boot
Photo Credit PatternMa via Etsy

Crochet Strappy Boot

I’m so in love with the way the laces are done on this boot that I had to include it. Isn’t that super unique? It’s simple, yet makes a very impactful statement. I’m loving this crochet boot pattern!

Crochet Winter Booties
Photo Credit OnePaisleyPig via Etsy

Aspen Winter Booties – Buffalo Plaid Boots

This buffalo plaid, or buffalo check pattern in red and black is adorable! You could almost switch the colors around if you wanted even and do a white, black and grey pattern also! Personally, I think I’d do one of each with these booties because they are that amazing!

Baby Furry Boots
Photo Credit TwoGirlsPatterns via Etsy

Baby Furrylicious Boots

The loops on this crochet boot are a great technique to practice. Getting the loops the same size throughout the boot shows extreme talent and makes a super cute result! I love those pearl colored buttons also. Such a great pattern!

Crochet Fur Baby Boots
Photo Credit NewbornKnots via Etsy

Crochet Fur Flap Baby Boots

I thought these boots were also unique. The colors used are gorgeous, but I love how the straps on the outside go over the top of the boot, making flaps, and then are attached by a button. Cute for photos, or to run around in!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed looking at all of the gorgeous patterns for crochet baby boots in this post and that you’ll check out some of the other patterns that these makers have to offer as well. It takes a long time to make, perfect, and test a pattern before it’s put into production and all of these makers have produced products that are simply beautiful and display their talent well.

If you’re looking for new patterns, be sure to check out our free crochet patterns also!

Have you made any crochet baby booties, or do you know of some other cute patterns for crochet baby boots? If so, comment below (or send me a pic over on Facebook).







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