Ways To Make Money with Crochet

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Do you ever wish you could turn your hobby into a business and actually make money with crochet? It’s not as hard as it may seem. You already have the talent (and if you’re anything like the rest of us, more than enough yarn), so now all you need are some solid business ideas for where you can make some money from your talent.

how to make money with crochet

Crocheting starts as a hobby for most of us, and like many hobbies then takes over our lives. We spend so much time with our hooks and yarn and wonder if it’s possible if we could retreat to our own home office space and literally crochet the day away. I’m here to tell you that it IS possible.

Make Money with Crochet

There are so many ways you could make money off of your handmade crafts. I’ve listed a few, but if you can think of any more, please email or comment and let me know and I’ll add them to the post!

Pattern Testing

Do you know that there are pattern makers who will often hire others to test patterns for them? This is an excellent way to earn a few extra dollars, get a new free pattern, and you could also sell the finished product created with the pattern on your own (depending on your contract with the pattern designer). How do you find pattern makers? A simple google search for “crochet pattern tester” will give you a ton of results for places to apply.

Sell Your Crochet Products

If you love to crochet, and can produce finished items with ease, you might consider selling your finished work to others. There are several places where you can sell finished crochet items both online and offline. I’ve listed some ideas below:


  1. Etsy
  2. Ebay
  3. Facebook (page, groups, or marketplace)
  4. Amazon Handmade
  5. Website (by using a platform such as WooCommerce or Shopify)


  1. Independent Markets (Local Farmer’s Markets)
  2. Brick and Mortar Stores
  3. Craft Fairs

Teach Crochet

Another fantastic way to make money with crochet is to teach it to others. You can earn your certification to teach crochet through the Craft Yarn Council and use it to teach classes at your local craft stores or even private yarn and hobby shops. If you don’t have any local craft stores, you could apply to teach it at your local community college, or even set up an area in your home or at your local church or community building where you could offer classes.

Online – Start an online course to teach crochet by making videos and other written materials. Raise your hands if you’ve ever watched a YouTube video showing you how to crochet. You don’t have to be physically present to teach others how to crochet. In fact, this blog is a great place to start for how to learn crochet. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and watch for some of my online courses that will be offered after the first of the year!

Write About Crochet

An extended avenue for teaching is writing about crochet. Here are some ways you could do this and ways you could also earn money from it.

  • Start a Blog

With a crochet blog you are able to reach a lot of people by building an online presence and allowing them to read about what you are making. You’d make money through advertising on the blog and on social media to promote your blog posts. Companies such as Google Adsense allow you to earn money by placing their ad networks on your blog. (I’ll be writing more on this topic at a later date also!)

  • Write a Book

If you are a strong writer, write a book that is a reference guide for crochet stitches, or a collection of patterns you’ve written and sell. With self-publishing through Amazon CreateSpace, you’re able to produce physical copies of your books, as well as offer Kindle editions. 

  • Start a Crochet Magazine

If you think magazines are out, think again! As a crafter I love getting crochet magazines in the mail filled with patterns and inspiration. You could even build one online through a service like Issuu and offer it to your newsletter subscribers on your blog.

Sell Patterns

If you’re really good at coming up with original patterns, create and sell patterns either online or offline to others. For those who love crochet, creating your own patterns is often a place you find yourself in because you sometimes have trouble finding the one you want. Lots of people buy crochet patterns. Check out places like Etsy for reference.

Start a Brick and Mortar Yarn Business

I think this is everyone’s dream, starting a crochet business where you play with yarn all day long. If you started a yarn business, you’d actually be able to get a lot of great yarn at wholesale prices and resell it for retail prices, making a profit. You could even combine this option with teaching people how to crochet and selling your own patterns and handmade items.

Start a Legal Business

No matter which option you choose above for making money with crochet, if you plan on collecting money you need to make sure that your business is legal. Once you’ve chosen a name for your businesses, head on over to the Small Business Association to read more about steps you need to take in your own state related to starting a business. This step might seem difficult, but I promise you it is not. And it is worth it to have a legal business before you begin selling your work to make sure to protect both yourself and your customer.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Please share these ideas with your friends and follow me on social media to keep up-to-date with what I’m offering here on the blog!







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