Learn How to Single Crochet – For Beginners

Single crochet is the first stitch to learn when learning how to crochet. It can be used alone, or added into a combination of other stitches to make a variety of crochet items–such as blankets, hats, dishcloths, towels, scarves, and even clothing items. Today I’m going to teach you how to single crochet the foundation row (the very first row after the chain).

Learn How to Single Crochet – For Beginners


  • Yarn
  • Crochet Hook

Before you begin, there’s an important piece of information you should know about the single crochet stitch as it applies to future crochet pattern reading. If you happen to get a pattern or instructional book that is written in the UK, they call the SC (single crochet) a DC (double crochet). For more information about differences between US and UK crochet terminology, you can read the article I’ve written on the subject.


The first step in learning to single crochet is to find the beginning chain. The chain sideways will look like the letter v repeated over and over again. Count back to the second chain from the hook, and this is where you will insert your hook for the first time.

We do this on the first stitch because the height on the ends needs to be the same height as the rest of the stitches.

Single Crochet Step 1

Looking at your chain, there are three loops. The top loop, the bottom loop, and when you turn the chain sideways you will see the back bump. There are certain patterns in which you’d need to crochet into different loops, however for beginners, I will teach you the way I learned to instruct and the method that I use most often.

Insert your hook into the center of the v.

Single Crochet Step 2a

Go under the top loop and the back bump, leaving two loops on your hook.

If you are having trouble inserting your hook into any of the chain, your chain could be too tight. I recommend ripping it out and redoing this step.

Single Crochet Step 2b

Yarn over. The is placing the yarn over the top of the hook so that it will hook in the throat of your crochet hook.

Single Crochet Step 3A

Pull the yarn through the chain, which leaves two loops on your hook.

At this point, I usually move my thumb and middle finger to grab the chain beneath where I am working so that it makes it easier for me to pull the yarn through.

Single Crochet Step 3B

Yarn over again and pull through those two loops on your hook.

Single Crochet Step 4b

Continue across the entire row, single crocheting into each chain. When you get to the end, chain one, turn your work, and start the next row.

Video Tutorial for How to Single Crochet

Watch the video tutorial below for how to single crochet.







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