How to Hold Your Yarn

Having trouble with how to hold your yarn when you crochet for the best tension? Read on for more information.

How to Hold Your Yarn


Yarn, any weight

Figuring out how to hold your yarn to crochet is an important aspect while learning how to crochet. If you are holding on too tightly, you may need to start with a larger hook to adjust your tension, and same goes for holding it too loosely. I wanted to show you today how I hold my yarn and allow my index finger to control the yarn. This is a right-handed tutorial, where I will hold my yarn in my left-hand (the non-dominant hand).

Like the holding of your hook, there are also a different ways for how to hold your yarn to crochet and they aren’t wrong. If this method doesn’t work for you, I suggest Googling, or searching You Tube for videos for how others teach holding their yarn. This is simply how I was taught, and how I’ve practiced over the many years I’ve been doing this.


How To Hold Your Yarn to Crochet (Right-Handed)

Turn your left palm over so it is facing the ceiling. Drape the yarn over your pinky finger with the tail of the yarn facing your body and the yarn still attached to the skein hanging down the other side of your pinky.

Holding Your Yarn Crochet

Using the end of the yarn still attached to the skein, loop the yarn around the pinky the rest of the way and up toward the index finger (behind the middle and ring fingers.

Holding Your Yarn to Crochet

Now take the end of the yarn you’ve been working with and lay it over the top of your index finger. So the yarn should be looped around your pinky finger, under your middle and ring fingers, and over your index finger.

Holding Your Yarn

Now you are able to begin your Chain Stitch.

Note: After your chain stitch you will need to pick the yarn back up and use it to begin your single crochet stitches. The method in which you’ll pick your yarn back up is the same, with the exception that there will be no tail. So, you’d pick up the yarn with that end coming out of the skein. This way when you need more yarn It will slide over your fingers and you can adjust the tension as you go.







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