crochet borders and edges

Crochet Borders and Edges

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Crochet borders and edges finish your projects with a little bit of extra finesse. With certain stitch patterns, you’ll already have a clean edge and might not need a border, but with others, it finishes off the look nicely and adds an extra layer of protection around your project. There are many different ways to create a border around your crochet projects. In this article I will provide some great beginning crochet tutorials, as well as some that are for the more advanced crocheter. 

crochet borders and edges

Crochet Borders for Beginners – Easy Crochet Borders and Edges

Let’s start with a few easy borders for those of you just starting out with crochet. These will be easy stitch techniques to cover some of those less than perfect edges, and refine your crochet project so that it looks neat. 

Single Crochet Border – This tutorial by Allison at Dream a Little Bigger shows the most basic, yet important type of border used by beginners and advanced crocheters. . .the single crochet border. This is where you go around your project placing a single crochet stitch into each stitch around, adding an extra chain and stitch to the corners to make them nice as well. This is a great border to use around crochet dishcloths, washcloths, towels, and scarves. I also sometimes use this around blankets. 

Moss Stitch Border – The moss stitch is a great beginner stitch, as it is a series of single crochet, skip a stitch and chain, repeated across the project. This stitch pattern adds a bit of texture to your edges, while creating a thick, clean border. This border pattern is from Polly of Every Trick on the Hook.

Half-Double Crochet Border – Another beginner stitch, the half double crochet, makes an appearance in this crochet blanket border. Watch how crochet designer Ren of The Inspired Wren creates this beautiful border on her blog. 

Crochet Borders for Blankets

Adding crochet borders to blankets is the perfect way to finish them up and give an extra layer to hide those ends. I finished crocheting a nice moss stitch blanket and had noticed that I’d accidentally skipped a few stitches on a few of  my ends (which even happens to advanced crocheters). So a border will clean those up and make my project look great. Below I’ve listed a few crochet border patterns that you can add to your blankets. While some of these might be for more advanced crocheters, if you’re a beginner, give them a try on something smaller (such as a dishcloth). Once you have the foundation down, lots of practice will only help you advance in your skills. 

Alpine Stitch Blanket Border – Lindsey of Winding Road Crochet has created a beautiful border stitch to finish off your next blanket project. This pattern requires that you know basic stitches such as single and double crochet, but also a more advanced stitch — the front post double crochet. This is the stitch that creates the “point” in the border. The stitch that adds the most texture when done in the same color, or the focal point if you choose to do it in a different color. This is a beautiful way to finish off any blanket.

Ribbed Blanket Border – Using a double crochet and front-post, back-post double crochets, this border creates a ribbed appearance around the outside of your blanket. This pattern by The Unraveled Mitten comes with an easy to follow tutorial and lots of other knowledge about crochet!

Shell Stitch Border – A border pattern that looks like a shell, or wave, around your project. This pattern by Tamara of the popular crochet blog, Moogly, is very well written (with video instruction for both right and left-handed crocheters). 

Iris Stitch Edging – A beautiful pattern by Catherine of Lullaby Lodge, this crochet edging uses both double crochet and v stitches (a series of dc, ch 1, dc all in one stitch). With a photo tutorial that accompanies the pattern, you’ll be able to compare your stitch work to that of the designers and follow along. This creates a wonderful border to add to any finished project. 

Treble Scallop Edging – This edging by Rachele of Cypress Textiles is gorgeous! It incorporates treble crochet and picots to create a beautiful and feminine edge to your blanket pattern. This one would be great for patterns where many squares are joined together, or even a nice solid color. 

Crochet Borders with Tassels

Looking to put even something a bit more extra onto your crochet project? How about adding some tassels? I’ve included some crochet border patterns with tassels for you to enjoy!

Double Twist Fringe Edging – In this You Tube video by Cute Craft Ideas, you’ll learn how to do a double twist fringe to add to your scarves, blankets, and more!

Knotted Tassel Border – In this tutorial by Ashley of Lazy Daisy Jones, you’ll learn how to make tassels and attach them to the edges of your blanket to form a unique and fun border!

Books About Crochet Borders and Edges

Do you like to have a hard copy of your patterns to look at? If so, I’ve got some book recommendations of crochet borders and edging. (These are my affiliate links, so if you purchase any of the books below I will get a commission from the purchase.)

Every Which Way Crochet Borders: 139 Patterns for Customized Edgings by Edie Eckman

The Complete Book of Crochet Border Designs: Hundreds of Classics and Original Patterns (Complete Crochet Designs) by Linda P. Schapper

The Finer Edge: Crocheted Trims, Motifs, and Borders by Kristen Omdahl

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this list that I’ve put together, and I will most likely add to it over time. If you have any favorite border patterns, feel free to send them over to me and I might just add them to the post! 

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As always, happy hooking!







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