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Half Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial

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The half double crochet stitch is a stitch that, in height, is between the single crochet and the double crochet. It’s one of the basic stitches that all beginners should learn and tends to not produce fabric with visible holes in it like some of the taller crochet stitches do. When you learn to crochet, this stitch would traditionally be the lesson that you’d take once you master the single crochet stitch.

The half double crochet (abbreviated hdc) is one of my favorite stitches to do. I think it has something to do with the way the hook glides through the three loops effortlessly. The instant gratification of the stitch isn’t it’s best feature, however; I would say that the texture of the fabric that it produces is my favorite part. 

The hdc will show up in many different types of patterns, and is used with all types of different yarns. It’s very versatile and can be used with a coordinating hook size. 

How to Do The Half Double Crochet Stitch (hdc)

I’m showing this tutorial on a current swatch. If you don’t have a swatch started and are starting out with your chain stitch, the same rule of two additional chain stitches at the end applies. 

(Example: Ch 12, hdc into the 3rd chain from your hook (giving you 10 total stitches in that row.)

At the end of the row, turn your work so that you are started in the correct direction (right to left) and chain 2. The chain 2 on the end will get your row to the correct height it needs to be at in order to match with the rest of the stitches within the row.

Yarn over once. 

Insert hook into second stitch from the end (stitch one will be the one attached to the chain two).

Yarn over and pull the yarn through, resulting in three loops on your hook.

Yarn over and pull the yarn through all three loops. 

Repeat until you get to the end of your row.

Video: Half Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial

This video demonstrates the written text above for how to do the half double crochet stitch. In the video, I am using worsted weight (size 4: medium) acrylic yarn and a size H/9 – I Boye aluminum crochet hook.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the half double crochet stitch and the double crochet stitch?

Height. The half double crochet stitch is just that, half the size of one double crochet. Therefore, if you’d like your project longer, use a double crochet, or shorter, use a half double crochet in your pattern.

Does half double crochet use more yarn?

Yes, and no. Typically the taller the stitch the least amount of yarn is used. So the half double crochet would use more yarn than a double crochet stitch, but less than a single crochet stitch, when you factor in the yarn used throughout the total project. 

When you insert your hook into the stitch in the row below, do you go through one loop, or two?

Go underneath both loops (the V) unless your pattern specifically tells you to only go through either the front or back loop and not both.

Is a hdc the same in US and UK terms? 

No. In UK crochet terminology, the US double stitch is known as the treble stitch. Therefore the hdc would technically be the half treble stitch in the UK.

I hope you’ve found this tutorial useful. Please let me know if you have any questions and follow along for more tutorials! I’d love to hear what you made with the half double crochet stitch!







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