Unique Gift Ideas for Someone Who Crochets

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If you are searching for gift ideas for a crocheter, you’ve officially stumbled upon the right post! Some crochet gifts and accessories can often be fairly inexpensive, so I typically grab several small priced items and put them together in a gift basket, or, better yet. . .a bag to hold yarn.

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Gift Ideas for a Crocheter

From hooks to yarn, us crocheters love tools to help us out. I’ve included 10 gift ideas for a crocheter (aside from craft store gift cards) that you can use the next time you have to purchase a present for the crochet lover in your life.

Gift Ideas for a Crocheter

Digital Row Counter – This digital row counter fits comfortably on an index finger, and works wonders when keeping track of rows in your crochet projects. Whether following a pattern, or creating one, this row counter is easy to use. Just the push of a button, and your rows are counted securely.

Pom Pom Maker – This handy tool allows a crocheter to create two different sizes of full yarn pom poms for the tops of hats, bags, scarves, and more!

Blocking Board – This product truly changed my life. This foam block allows crocheters to easily block their work. Blocking work gives it an even stretch that allows the crocheter to present the finished product so that it is not distorted.

The best thing about these blocks? They come in the shape of puzzle pieces that can be hooked together to block much larger projects. Each block is a 12-inch by 12-inch square with a grid. The foam allows the crocheter to pin their work and allow it to dry into an even shape.

The Yarnit – This easy to travel with project storage is uniquely designed for people on the go. It holds a ball of yarn, and will fit in the cup holder of your car, perfect for those of us who love to kill time at after school pick-up.

The bottom pops off for easy tool storage of scissors and stitch markers. It protects your yarn in the ball from pet hair, rolling away and tangling, and comes complete with a shoulder strap for easy transport.

Yarn Cutter Pendant – Great for travel! This pendant hangs around the crocheter’s neck, eliminating the need to carry scissors along for the ride. I personally own one of these and I love it for times I’m crocheting around my child so I don’t need to get out the sharp scissors.

Yarn Bowl – Yarn bowls are amazing for keeping your ball of yarn from rolling all over the place, and allowing you to seamlessly pull from it while keeping an even tension on your project. This yarn bowl includes a non-slip base and works with multiple sizes of yarn.

4-in-1 Crochet Tool – A fantastic way to carry several hooks at once. These tapered aluminum hooks are perfect for travel and give you several options for your projects.

Yarn – I don’t know a single crocheter that wouldn’t love the gift of yarn. If you aren’t sure what type of items they make, pick up some popular cotton yarn and let them choose.

Crochet Lite Hooks – These are some of the coolest crochet hooks–they have a light inside that you can use to crochet in the dark with! I have one of these and it’s been a great asset to my stash. I tend to use them in low light, rather than total darkness, because I typically crochet with a lot of dark colors. These are great gift ideas for a crocheter!

500 Crochet Stitches: The Ultimate Crochet Stitch Bible – Give the gift of learning! Crocheters at any age or skill level still like to learn new stitches. With a list of 500, they should be easily entertained for a while.

I hope you’ve been able to get some great ideas from this post. As I said earlier, when in doubt, you can always buy a gift card. . .but a gift basket of fun crochet items would be perfect gift ideas for a crocheter. Thanks for stopping by!







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