The Ultimate Resource for Where to Find Discontinued Yarn

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Have you ever spent weeks crocheting a project, only to get to the very end and not have enough to finish out your last few rows? I know I have. Not only that, but I’ve gotten to that place and found out that the yarn I’d been using was discontinued.

So what do you do when you need to find discontinued yarn?

Where to Find Discontinued Yarn

I have some great ideas and resources that I’ve compiled for you so that hopefully you can get your project back on track and toward the finish line.

Discontinued Yarn Search

Manufacturer’s Website
First and foremost when you find out that the yarn you’ve been using no longer exists in the store, visit the manufacturer’s website. Sometimes they will have the yarn available to purchase from there while their supply lasts.

Retail Store Stock
Don’t be afraid to call the brick-and-mortar store where you purchased it to see if they have stock left at an additional location. Sometimes the larger retail chains will have a few items left until they sell out. They should be able to search their inventory list and let you know which store closest to you has some available.

eBay is a great place to search for yarn. Many people use this type of site to quickly destash what they don’t need, and you can often pick up some skeins for a great deal. It’s also a very large marketplace, so you’ll be able to search internationally.

There are several different ways to search for discontinued yarn on Etsy. If you know the manufacturer name and yarn type, I’d start there. However, you can also browse the discontinued yarn section if you aren’t quite sure what exactly it is you’re looking for. I like Etsy because it’s personable. If you see a shop owner who might have something close, you can reach out and ask them questions, or to even send more photos if needed.

This might be one of my favorite places to go. On Ravelry, users can add yarn to their own stash, and you are able to search these. So, if I need 2 yards to finish out my project, and I see that Tina in Illinois has that yarn in her stash, I could contact her and see if she’d be willing to sell me what I need to complete my project. Sometimes it’s a long-shot, but well worth reaching out if you just need a small amount.

Yarn Paradise Garage Sale
There’s a timer on the website showing when the next sale starts. Another awesome resource to have around if you are searching for discontinued yarn.

Online Google Search
I’d say going straight to Google and typing in the type of yarn you need might be your best bet. Although you can often find yarn at local swap shops, thrift stores, and yard sales, odds are you are looking for a very specific brand that is going to be best matched by doing an online search.

Yarn Substitutions

Sometimes, all hope for finding a discontinued yarn is lost. The only thing left to do is search for a yarn similar enough to substitute. Following are some ideas for finding popular yarn substitutions.

Manufacturer Website
Again, many manufacturers will have a substitution list on their website when they discontinue a yarn. If it’s an older yarn, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call them to see what the closest would be, or ask if they have any ideas for what you should do. They are going to be the most knowledgeable when it comes to finding you a substitution.

This website is amazing. You type in your yarn, and it generates a list of recommended substitutions for the yarn type. Another great resource to bookmark and have in your resource list.

Do you have any methods for searching discontinued yarn that I haven’t listed here? If so, please reach out and let me know and I will add it to the list for our readers. We’re all in this together, and if we can help one person find the type of yarn they are looking for, then it’s worth it.







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