How to Weave in Ends to Finish Your Crochet Project

How to weave in your crochet ends

Love them, or loathe them, when you finish up any crochet project you’re going to have to weave in ends. If you’re doing a smaller project that is only one color, you might only have two to weave in (beginning and end). However, if you’re doing a more complex, multi-color project and haven’t weaved in along the way, you could have many hours ahead of you.

Personally, I find weaving in ends cathartic. This step is the one where your project completely transforms and becomes usable!

How to Finish Your Crochet Project

Finish crochet project

The next step in our beginner crochet tutorials I will show you is how to finish your crochet project to tie it off. In this step you will learn how to remove your yarn from the hook and prepare it for finishing.