2020 crochet pattern roundup

Crochet Patterns for 2020 – The Year of the Dumpster Fire

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Let’s usher 2020 out. . .preferably WITHOUT a bang. I think this year has been rough on everyone, and when times get tough, the crochet community gets creative. I have to admit, I was over on Etsy looking for Christmas ornament patterns to put together into a roundup, but I determined that this year almost deserves its own special blog post. Because, from dumpster fires to masked Snowmen, crochet designers have created some amazing art to help us look back and remember what this year was like.

This post could be mildly offensive, will contain curse words, and should make you laugh. Sorry, mom. šŸ™‚

Crochet Patterns for 2020

by JennifersStitchedUp via Etsy

2020 Got Me Seeing Red Beanie Pattern – I mean, let’s start off solid with how we all really feel. This pattern is crochet, not knit –even though it might resemble it. It uses the waistcoat stitch.

by HookandFlatter via Etsy

2020 Dumpster Fire Crochet Pattern – Because nothing describes this year better.

by CuriousPapaya via Etsy

Angry Toilet Paper Roll Ornament – Remember the toilet paper shortage and all of your crochet friends saying “I GOT YOU. We have enough yarn to get through this.” This ornament is interactive, y’all. It unrolls to reveal another face. . .both accurately describing how we all feel about the lack of toilet paper this year.

by SmachnaTorba via Etsy

Mini Crochet Mask Ornament – Who would’ve thought that masks would’ve become the most essential wardrobe accessory of the year back in January?

by PrieurDesignBoutique via Etsy

Covey the Virus Amigurumi Plushie Crochet Pattern – Meet Covey, the little nightmare that no one wanted around this year. Now you can make him, and throw him across the room when you’re mad at him. I guess that’s as close to retribution as we can get for the time being.

by GaNaKnitToys via Etsy

Masked Snowman Crochet Ornament Pattern – Because in 2020 not only Superheroes wear masks — snowmen do, too.

by CrochetAMemory via Etsy

Funny Quarantine C2C Blanket Graph Pattern – If you’re committed to making a blanket to memorialize this year, I highly recommend it be this one.

by BabyCakesStudios via Etsy

Crochet Toilet Paper Amigurumi Pattern – I never thought I’d be able to describe toilet paper as cute, but here we are.

by NanoStitches via Etsy

Crochet Plague Mask Pattern – Guys, I’m never cleaning the house without this again. For that “I want to look otherworldly and vaguely threatening” kind of vibe.

by OutlawHeartCreations via Etsy

2020 Commemorative Trash Bag – Are you ready to take out the trash that was 2020? YUP. Meeeee Too!

I hope you all enjoyed this roundup of crochet patterns as much as I enjoyed finding and putting them together for you. In all honesty, I hope that at the end of this crazy year your family is safe and healthy. <3 Happy Crocheting!







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