How to Finish Your Crochet Project

We’ve learned how to get the yarn on the hook, now we will learn the proper method for getting it off the hook, knotting it, and tying off so that we can begin weaving in the ends and have a completed project. You might wonder why I did an entire post just on this topic. . .I believe there are some important items to learn here that can be called out, that’s why. Each step is truly its own when it comes to crochet, and the better the steps are mastered, the more they become second nature when you are working on projects.

How to Finish Your Crochet Project


  • Finished Crochet Project
  • Crochet Hook
  • Scissors

Pre-requisite: Must have gone through the Learn to Crochet Tutorials and have a finished project that you are ready to tie-off.


The method of finishing your crochet project that I’m going to show you today will be creating a knot and finishing off your work. There will be times where finishing a bit differently without a “knot” might make sense. However, I use this finishing method in at least 90% of my crochet projects.

Finishing crochet project introduction

First, pull about 5-6 inches from the end of your yarn and cut it free from the skein. This piece of yarn is called the tail. You want to have enough of a tail to weave in your ends approximately three directions. A note about scissors: Embroidery scissors work the best for cutting yarn. They are typically smaller, pointed, and very sharp.

Crochet Finish Step 1

Open up the loop by pulling your crochet hook up. You’ll want it to be open far enough so that you can fit your thumb and index finger into it, yet not so large that you don’t have any tail yarn left.

Finish Crochet Project Step 2

Place your thumb and index fingers through the loop.

crochet finish project step 3

Grab the tail between your fingers and pull the tail back through the loop.

crochet finish off step 3b

Pull the yarn taught until it becomes a knot against your project. 
crochet finish step 4

That’s it! The final step to creating the ending knot to get your yarn off the crochet hook.

In the final lesson, we’ll cover how to weave in ends.







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