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    My name is , aaaand like you, I also ! There's always more room for friends, and I'd like to be yours!

    I'm reaching out to you today because I need and I know that you are the best gal for the job!

    I know you aren't big on talking on the phone (It's the fact that your dog doesn't like you giving other people attention, I get it), so here's my email so you can message me back!

    Even though I am , I still hope that you respond to my message because I'd love to

    Here's the low-down on what I really want:

    Introductions Are Awkward

    and My Palms Are Sweaty

    I’m Amanda, Chief Nerd and Crochet Entrepreneur, Crochet is my passion. I want to teach you so that it can be yours, too. Learn more about me here.

    amanda long