15 Ridiculously Cute Patterns for Crochet Baby Boots

patterns for crochet baby boots

There’s a new baby in our family (not mine) that I’m already very excited to shower with love and handmade things! Since it’s winter here, I have been looking up patterns for crochet baby boots to make over on Etsy and figured I’d share some of my findings with you!

I am an Etsy affiliate, so if you happen to click on one of these patterns for crochet baby boots and purchase them, I will get a bit of a commission. To that, I say Thank You! Plus, I love supporting small business owners who take the time to create and test patterns like this for us!

Patterns for Crochet Baby Boots

I hope that you’re able to find some of the cutest patterns for crochet baby boots from this roundup. They all make me want to pick up my hook and get to work!

Patterns for Crochet Baby Boots

crochet snow boots
Photo Credit Inventorium via Etsy

Summit Snowboots Pattern

First of all, the detail on this boot is amazing. From the laces all the way to the fur, this boot just makes me smile. These would make such a great gift for those who are just learning to walk, or a fabulous photo prop for a winter scene with your little ones!

Winter Snow Boots
Photo Credit AliceInCloudland via Etsy

Winter Snow Booties

These Winter Snow Booties have a crochet fur accent that is just right. I personally love them in brown, but I think you could also make them in black, or even a two tone with green on the bottom to resemble duck boots!

Baby Wrap Booties
Photo Credit TwoGirlsPatterns via Etsy

Baby Wrap Boot

These Baby Wrap Boots are stylish! The details and even the wooden buttons make this a very posh boot for your favorite little princess. Plus, the softness of the yarn and the fact that they are handmade will make mom smile!

Baby Mukluk Inspired Boots
Photo Credit AFrayedKnotBoutique via Etsy

Mukluk Inspired Crochet Boots

I’ll admit that Mukluk or tribal inspired boots are some of my favorites as an adult. I have several pair in my own closet. That’s why these little booties caught my eye. Look at the crocheted detail on these. It looks like it uses some fair isle crochet, which makes a beautiful pattern. I love the color in these!

Crochet Baby Cowboy Boots
Photo Credit TwentySecondStreet via Etsy

Crochet Baby Cowboy Boots

No boot roundup would be complete without a pair of cowboy boots! These are some of the cutest I’ve seen, and the detail is amazing. I especially like the stitched pattern into the side of the boot. This is a great technique to showcase patterns in your work that you might not be able to achieve with a regular crochet stitch.

Crochet Baby Moccasins
Photo Credit matildasmeadow via Etsy

Crochet Baby Mocassin Boots

How cute are these baby crochet mocassin boots? The color changes and details in the top of the boot, and the even yarn strands make this boot one to remember for sure!

Baby Crochet Construction Boots
Photo Credit matildasmeadow via Etsy

Crochet Baby Construction Boots

I adore how close these boots resemble a pair of Timberland work boots! From the darker brown tops to the multi-colored laces, these would be a cute match to mom or dad’s work boots! I also love the button on the side. I’ll have to look around more to see where the tree button came from, but it’s adorable, and matches the overall look of the boot.

Crochet Baby Boots
Photo Credit PatternMa via Etsy

Crochet Winter Baby Boots

These crochet boots would be adorable on a baby girl. I can also imagine them in multiple colors with that same fur and button closure. An adorable pattern for sure!

Winter Booties
Photo Credit OnePaisleyPig via Etsy

Work Sock Winter Booties

Okay, so honestly. . .I’d like to make myself a pair of these boots. From the lace placement, colored accents, and wooden buttons, these boots are just adorable. I love the fur and that the laces go over the fur. Just a very well crafted boot that I think would be adorable on any baby.

Crochet Cable Boots
Photo Credit TwoGirlsPatterns via Etsy

Crochet Cable Boots

Crochet cables are probably one of my favorite things to make, only because I adore the look and texture that they produce. I’ve actually made these boots before with a pink accent (instead of yellow) and they turned out amazing.

Crochet Boots
Photo Credit matildasmeadow via Etsy

Crochet UGG Inspired Boots

I love looking at all of the UGG inspired crochet boots on Etsy. These are probably some of my favs. I love how the white color is detailed throughout and think the fur at the top just makes this boot! A very cute crochet boot pattern for kiddos.

Crochet Strappy Boot
Photo Credit PatternMa via Etsy

Crochet Strappy Boot

I’m so in love with the way the laces are done on this boot that I had to include it. Isn’t that super unique? It’s simple, yet makes a very impactful statement. I’m loving this crochet boot pattern!

Crochet Winter Booties
Photo Credit OnePaisleyPig via Etsy

Aspen Winter Booties – Buffalo Plaid Boots

This buffalo plaid, or buffalo check pattern in red and black is adorable! You could almost switch the colors around if you wanted even and do a white, black and grey pattern also! Personally, I think I’d do one of each with these booties because they are that amazing!

Baby Furry Boots
Photo Credit TwoGirlsPatterns via Etsy

Baby Furrylicious Boots

The loops on this crochet boot are a great technique to practice. Getting the loops the same size throughout the boot shows extreme talent and makes a super cute result! I love those pearl colored buttons also. Such a great pattern!

Crochet Fur Baby Boots
Photo Credit NewbornKnots via Etsy

Crochet Fur Flap Baby Boots

I thought these boots were also unique. The colors used are gorgeous, but I love how the straps on the outside go over the top of the boot, making flaps, and then are attached by a button. Cute for photos, or to run around in!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed looking at all of the gorgeous patterns for crochet baby boots in this post and that you’ll check out some of the other patterns that these makers have to offer as well. It takes a long time to make, perfect, and test a pattern before it’s put into production and all of these makers have produced products that are simply beautiful and display their talent well.

If you’re looking for new patterns, be sure to check out our free crochet patterns also!

Have you made any crochet baby booties, or do you know of some other cute patterns for crochet baby boots? If so, comment below (or send me a pic over on Facebook).

Crochet Cord Tutorial Using the Lobster Stitch

crochet cord

I decided that I wanted to put a crochet cord on my new shower pouf that was more than just a simple chain–something that had a little bit of thickness to it and would add to the overall design. I decided to make the crochet cord using the lobster stitch.

crochet cord

If you’ve snagged the pattern, or even if you are just here to learn how to make this cord for crochet bracelet purposes, welcome! This tutorial with review the steps to make the basic cord, and then you can determine the length you’d like to make it.

How to Crochet Cord Using the Lobster Stitch


  • Yarn – 100% Cotton if you are making it for a shower pouf, or any type of yarn for bracelet-making or grocery bag strap handles.
  • Crochet Hook – H/8 5.00mm (Use a larger hook if thicker yarn is used)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle (for weaving into project)


Make this cord to be the appropriate length, leaving a 6″ tail after you finish off for easily attaching to your project.


  • Ch = chain
  • SC = single crochet


Ch 2.

chain two

SC in the second chain from the hook. Find the single loop at the bottom of your stitch and SC through that loop.

crochet into single loop

At the bottom of your stitch, you’ll now see two loops. SC through both of them.

crochet into both loops

Continue this pattern until you reach the desired length. Tie off and leave a 6″ tail to use to attach to your project.

Video Tutorial

For those of you who are more visual, like me, I’ve also done a video tutorial for this crochet cord process to further explain it. Let me know if you have any questions.

How to Crochet a Chain Stitch

crochet chain stitch

In this tutorial I will show you how to crochet a chain stitch, or foundation chain. The crochet chain is often how you begin your projects, especially those where you are making something flat instead of round (like a dish cloth, or a blanket).

crochet chain stitch

The crochet chain stitch is performed by first creating a slip knot to add your yarn to your hook, and then yarning over, hooking the yarn, and pulling it through the loop on your hook. Below I’ve included photo instructions and a video tutorial for a right-handed chain stitch.

Step 1: With the yarn on your hook, and holding the rest of your yarn in your non-dominant hand, move your hook so that the yarn is draped over the crochet hook.

Step 2: Grab the yarn with the hook and begin to pull toward your thumb with it to take it through the loop that is on your hook currently.

Note: You might have to work on how tight you are holding any of the yarn if it doesn’t easily slide through. The goal is to move the loop currently on your hook, off of your hook, as it is now replaced by the new chain you made.

Step 3: Continue doing the same motion until you have the number of chains your pattern calls for. For the purpose of this tutorial, I worked on making 10. As you continue to chain, hold your work by the area below the slip knot at first, and you can re-position your thumb as you chain 5 or 6 (as shown in the video below).

Video Tutorial of Crochet Chain Stitch

Below is the video tutorial that I made doing the chain stitch. I suggest that you watch this, pausing and playing as necessary until you get used to the motion. Once you get used to it, chain 10, and move along to chain 30. I know many people who start using this to practice their tension (how balanced their stitches are based upon how tightly they are holding their hook or yarn) and will end up making wrap bracelets, a crochet chain headband, or something simple to count as their first project.

Remember that practice is the only thing that truly helps you to learn tension and become comfortable with holding both your hook and yarn. You can always unravel your stitches and use the same yarn to practice over and over again.

Thanks for checking out this lesson! Stay tuned for more!

How to Hold a Crochet Hook – Right Handed

how to hold a crochet hook

So you’ve watched a few crochet tutorials and have maybe seen crocheters holding their hooks in a few different ways, right? Well, the good news is. . .neither is wrong! In this tutorial we are going to learn how to hold a crochet hook in your right hand.

how to hold a crochet hook

For my left-handed group, you’ll simply do the same with your left hand. You want to hold the hook in your dominant hand, and your yarn in your non-dominant hand.

How to Hold a Crochet Hook – Two Ways

Why are there two different ways to hold a crochet hook? Good question! I think this stumps a lot of people, and they tend to get hung up on reaching perfection with how they hold their hook and yarn.

Let’s start with a story.

My mom NEVER liked the way I held my pencil. “That’s not how you hold it,” she’d say. “You’re going to end up with blisters from holding it like that.” She wasn’t wrong. But, I held my pencil with it resting on the ring finger of my left-hand, rather than the middle finger. Part of me probably never corrected it because I knew it drove her crazy (I was a bit stubborn), but it worked for me.

And that’s the moral of this story. . .choose the method that feels the most comfortable and works for you.

The Knife Method

The knife method of holding your crochet hook is to hold it like you are cutting something. So, index finger down and straight, shaft of hook beneath your palm.

hold a crochet hook in the knife method

This is the method that I use and I will admit that if you don’t have grip covers on your hooks, if you crochet for a long time the end of the aluminum will probably start rubbing on your hand and become uncomfortable. I hold mine like this because I feel like it gives me the greatest amount of control over the hook. I tend to have a tighter tension, and when I do crochet tight (especially while I was first learning), it allows me to help stick it into the chain it needs to go into better.

The Pencil Method

The pencil method is pretty self-descriptive–you hold your crochet hook like you’d hold a pencil. Well, clearly not like I’d hold a pencil (see above), but like a normal person (apparently) holds a pencil. 🙂

hold a crochet hook in the pencil method

For this method you pinch the hook between your thumb and index finger, and rest it on your middle finger, like you would that of a pencil.

Tutorial Video

In the video below I walk through both methods of how to hold a crochet hook, along with crochet a few stitches with each of these methods. You’ll have to bear with me when I get to the pencil method because I don’t do that one too often.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more inspiration and tutorials!

How to Make a Slip Knot

slip knot crochet tutorial

In crochet, a slip knot is the very first step in getting your yarn onto your crochet hook to begin your project. There are several ways to create a slip knot and I urge you to do what feels the most comfortable to you. I will teach you how to do a simple slip knot through photo and video instruction.

Let’s get started!

how to make a slip knot

How to Tie a Slip Knot

To begin you’ll need to pull about a foot of yarn from the skein. This way you’ll have plenty to work with to tie your knot.

Note: This tutorial is for right-handed. To do this with your left hand, simply reverse the hands in the instructions.

Step 1: With the end of the yarn facing your body, pick up the yarn with your right hand. Lay it over the top of your index and middle fingers on your left hand, and then continue to wrap it around them until you form a circle.

slip knot tutorial circle

Step 2: Slide the circle off of your fingers and hold it where it connects together. Using your right hand, reach through the circle and grab the piece of yarn attached to the skein.

slip knot tutorial pull yarn through

Step 3: Pull this through the center of the circle. As you pull tighter, the knot will form.

slip knot creation

Step 4: Pull up until it tightens and forms the knot

slip knot in yarn

Step 5: Insert your hook and pull both tails in opposite directions to move the knot toward the hook. You want the yarn to be on the hook tight enough so that it does not slide off.

slip knot on crochet hook

That’s it! You’ve now successfully created a slip knot and gotten the yarn onto your crochet hook. Give yourself a pat on the back!

If you have any questions, or would rather learn by watching me do this in person, I’ve also included the slip knot tutorial video below.

Stay tuned for more tutorials and learn how to crochet with me!

Crochet Subscription Box Ideas

Still looking for the ultimate gift idea for a crocheter? I have a few for you! How about a crochet subscription box? 

crochet subscription box ideas

I’m constantly asked what I’d like for Christmas, my birthday, anniversary, (insert holiday here) and the answer is always YARN! What better gift idea than a box complete with a pattern, supplies, and other fun tools and accessories? I can’t think of any! 

What is a Crochet Subscription Box?

A crochet subscription box is a box of goodies pre-packaged by a company containing products related to crochet. The contents of each box varies month-to-month, so you can “subscribe” and receive a single box, or a box each month! 

Why Should I Buy a Crochet Subscription Box?

Simple — it provides hours of entertainment for your loved one. Crocheters often search for new projects, and love new challenges. Receiving a box like this is kind of like a treasure hunt for us. Whether the box is focused on a single project itself, teaching us a new technique, or allowing us to use a new yarn we might not have bought on our own, these boxes make us smile!

How Much Does a Crochet Subscription Box Cost?

It varies, depending on the value of what’s in the box. Some start at $10 per month, and the price travels upwards to $100 (based upon frequencies such as monthly, quarterly, or one-time). When considering the price of the box, you also want to make sure that you account for shipping costs. Some companies charge extra for this, while some include it free, depending on where you live.

Where Can I Get a Crochet Subscription Box?

You can order them online, of course! I’ve put together a list of all of the crochet subscription boxes that I’m aware of today. Have a new one? Reach out and let me know! I might add it to the list! 

Annie’s Kit Clubs

Annie’s has several different crochet subscription boxes available, and each one deserves mentioning because they are phenomenal! 

Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club

This kit club is one of a kind because it empowers the recipients to crochet for a cause! If you’ve ever donated a crochet item, you know how incredibly special it feels to be able to use your talent to give back, and Annie’s is helping us do that by offering a monthly project that we can donate! 

Annie’s Crochet Striped Afghan Club

This is a kit where you receive instructions for three new stripes each month and get to learn a total of 30 new textured stitches to make a beautiful blanket! 

Annie’s Crochet Afghan Block of the Month Club

Create a gorgeous handmade crochet afghan little by little. In this subscription box, receive supplies and instructions for a monthly afghan block to add to your blanket. You’ll receive 11 monthly squares to complete the afghan in the color scheme of your choosing. What a cool way to learn new blocks!

Annie’s Hook and Needle Kit Club

This unique monthly project includes both crochet and knitting instructions for each project. So, if you want to stick with crochet, or you think you may prefer knit for one, it’s your choice! This kit club includes a variety of projects.

Crochet Subscription Boxes (in no particular order)

Crochet Surprise

A monthly subscription box of a hand-picked pattern, yarn and the materials needed to complete a full project. I love the concept of this site because they also have step-by-step video tutorials of the project you get online, along with a community on Facebook for support.

Darn Good Yarn

This monthly subscription includes a skein of eco-friendly yarn, a knit and crochet pattern, and a unique gift each month! Members receive access to a community, as well as member-only discounts.

Mary Maxim Crochet Club of the Month

A crochet club of the month featuring Mary Maxim Yarn and a pattern. Discounts on the first month of the club and ability to cancel when you need to!

Little Box of Crochet

A UK based company, these monthly crochet memberships come with access to tutorials, a community, and everything you need to make their exclusive monthly project. They also ship worldwide!

Etsy Crochet Subscriptions

There are SO MANY crochet subscription boxes available on Etsy that I can’t list them all. Like, I didn’t even know this was a thing, so I looked it up! From Mystery Yarn boxes to Stitch Marker of the Month Club, this is like a crocheters paradise. Prices, shipping, and subscription terms all vary. Please read the listings for more information.

Crochet Society Box

Another UK based company, Crochet Society by Bella Coco boxes feature yarn, a crochet hook, patterns, access to training and tutorial videos, and surprises! (We like those.) They also ship to the US.

Jimmy’s Crochet Club

This crochet club is by Jimmy Beans Wool. As a member, not only do you get yarn and patterns, but you also get samples, free shipping coupons, and first access to new product releases!

Leither Co

These fun crochet kits from Leither Co start at $34 a month and contain a handmade crochet hook, stitch marker, yarn, and pattern. In the deluxe boxes you also get a bonus special extra goody and hand-dyed yarn!

Yarn Yay!

Yarn Yay! By Vickie Howell is a fantastic yarn box not only for knitters, but also includes a pattern for those of us who crochet! The boxes also contain artisanal yarns, patterns, and some specialty items, along with access to the Facebook community.

Knit Picks Crochet Lover Box

The Crochet Lover box from Knit Picks includes yarn, a pattern, and another goody or even a book! It costs around $27 per month. 

Yarn Crush

Yarn Crush is a subscription yarn box where you get the option to select your monthly yarn from a palette of warm, cool, neutral, or a mix of all color themes. In addition to the premium yarn, it appears you also get curated pattern suggestions and additional goodies in each box! You also get an option to double the amount of yarn you receive in your box. 

Knit Crate

Knit Crate has a few different monthly subscription boxes options, including a sock box for knitters. The box with the crochet option includes yarn, an exclusive pattern, and some promo codes for discounts on other items from their partners. This box also allows you to choose your color palette and appears to also cover the cost of shipping and handling in the monthly fee.

Toft Amigurumi Club

Toft has many different subscription clubs–for amigurumi, or even for enamel pins. If you are unfamiliar with Toft, The Toft brand is most known to crocheters for not only wonderful yarn, but also the Owner’s book Edward’s Menagerie, which offers some amazing amigurumi patterns! The subscription boxes often follow the books, allowing you to make one of the amigurumi characters each month. 

Crate Crochet

Crate Crochet boxes ship monthly and one thing I thought was unique about this box is that they offer a printed pattern in both US and UK terms. They have a few different boxes to choose from — one that offers yarn and a pattern and the other contains a crochet hook and other goodies. They have a special Facebook group and put discounts and promo codes in the boxes. The company is based in Australia but also ships to the US.

Stash Yarn Club

This crochet subscription box comes quarterly and contains 3 skeins of yarn, a knit and crochet pattern, and some extras. The yarn is hand dyed and exclusive patterns. 

Wool Interrupted Yarn Box

The crochet yarn boxes contain two skeins of hand dyed Merino yarn and some extras. This yarn box ships from Canada and will sometimes contain goodies from other Canadian partners. They ship to the US as well.

Hook and a Book

This subscription box is super unique, in that you get a crochet project AND a book each month. This totally catches my nerdy attention! They also ship to multiple countries. 

Happy Hook Crocheting

This crochet box allows the users the choice of a quick project box, or a blanket box. The blanket box ships every three months and has yarn and a pattern for a throw-sized blanket. The quick project box has a monthly or bi-monthly shipping option and contains enough for a project, along with some extras. 

Row One Yarn

The Row One Yarn Carnival of Color yarn subscription features hand-dyed yarn from different indie artists each month. In a box you’ll receive multiple small skeins of finger-weight yarn (10g each in 10 colorways). What a great way to sample some amazing yarn!

Knit Wise Crochet

Knit Wise has a beginner crochet box that helps you learn! Comes with materials and instructions to make a beginner crochet project!

HappyBerry Hamper

The HappyBerry Hamper is a crochet themed box with enough materials and written instruction to make a project. These boxes will include yarn in new textures, colors, and brands, as well as anything additional you might need for the project (stuffing, buttons, zippers, etc). This is a UK based company, but ships worldwide!

I hope this list has given you a few ideas of what to look for in a crochet subscription box, and maybe even a few that you’d like to try. I know that I now have a goal to try some of these so I can bring you full reviews on them as my time limits! 

Happy Crocheting! 

The Best Free Patterns to Crochet for Valentine’s Day

Looking for  some cute patterns to crochet for Valentine’s Day? I was too, so I decided to comb Pinterest today, and look, it worked out in everyone’s favor! I found so many cute free crochet patterns for us to add to our ever-growing lists. But the underlying question is. . .would you rather receive yarn than flowers and chocolate?

Um. . .yes.

Crochet for Valentine’s Day

Since I’ve found a variety of different patterns, I’ve decided to segment them into groupings, for an easier read. Some of you are into hearts and roses, and others might be looking for something to make as a gift for someone else, or for your child to give at school. I like to include a lot of variety in my pattern collection posts, so I hope that you will find something useful! Also, I’ve kept this a list of free crochet patterns from the Internet. Some sites might require you to sign up to receive a copy you can print, but otherwise, I like free! Right?

Valentine Gifts to Crochet

If you’re looking for a gift to give someone else for Valentine’s Day, or a pattern you can crochet for your child to gift at school, here’s a quick list of items that I’ve found.

Valentine’s Day Gift Bag – Little Doolally

This adorable crocheted heart gift bag is a must if you are planning on giving someone a whole bunch of kisses (Hershey’s, that is). In this post, she shares the pattern and the instruction for putting the bag together. I can’t wait to make this cute little thing!

Heart and Sole Crochet Slippers – My Hobby is Crochet

These heart slippers would make for a cozy gift this February! Available in women’s and children’s sizes, the author shares the heart graph and written instruction for how to make these. They are low cut, and I think my favorite thing is that you have the ability to trim the opening with the same color as the heart. Very cute!

Reversible Valentine’s Heart Crochet Pillow – MB Stitches

This pattern is really cool. It’s a pillow crocheted using the single crochet stitch and then the detail for the heart pattern is actually cross-stitched onto the crochet. I’ve seen this concept done a few times, and love the idea for a pillow, because the texture looks amazing! The two opposing panels are stitched together with both colors, giving a nice accent to the main design.

Candy Hearts Pillow – Pixel Perfect Crochet

I normally wouldn’t include two pillow designs in a roundup (unless it were about pillows, of course), but I had to include this one because of its sheer uniqueness. I’m glad I stumbled upon this blog because it is now on my list of favorites. This pillow is part one in a two part series of candy heart pillows. It’s done using the C2C stitch, which is a favorite one of mine, and is a colorful masterpiece, finished off with pom pom edges. This pillow definitely would get the conversation brewing about these conversation hearts.

Valentine Hearts to Crochet

Crochet Emoji Valentines – Golden Lucy Crafts

When seeking out hearts to crochet, I wanted to grab a variety, and this pattern definitely offers that! The Crazy Face Heart Emoji is a free pattern, and the author has created five more emoji hearts that you can find on her blog! These would be super fun to hand out to friends.

Crocheted Puffy Hearts – 5 Little Monsters

These puffy crochet hearts would be great to sew into the arms of a stuffed animal, or to leave plain and to decorate with on their own. The author walks through how to crochet the shell, how to stuff, and how to close the crochet heart.

Crochet Heart + DIY Heart Garland – Midwestern Moms

This simple crochet heart is one that you will find yourself stitching over and over again! The author of this post has easy to follow written instruction, a video, and even a section on how to make the hearts larger. In another linked article, she even gives instructions on how to take all of your hearts and put them together to make a garland.

Scandinavian Heart Motif – Haakmaarraak

This unique heart pattern also happens to made out of the Hygge yarn. I’ve seen this in the store and have been pondering what I could make with it. . .this looks like a perfect place to start!

Rosy Heart – Mia’s Heartful Hands

This pattern PDF is a great rose and heart combo. I like that you can print these pattern right away and the author also provides some instruction on blocking your heart pattern. Blocking is important when you have

Crochet Valentine Toys

Stuff and Spill Valentine Box – Left in Knots

This cute toy for babies or toddlers is a mailbox to stuff with Valentine’s items. I love this idea, because we all know how small children love to play with items that separate, and that they can put back together, and this is one that is safe for them to play with over and over again. This free pattern features the instructions for how to crochet and assemble the mailbox, and the contents (an envelope, and two different hearts, and how to decorate so that the items are non-toxic in case the kiddos happen to put anything in their mouth.

Whale You Be Mine: Crochet Whale Amigurumi – Spin a Yarn Crochet

This pattern is for his and hers whale amigurumi figures. I love the colors used in the author’s version, and think that this would be an awesome toy for any kiddo that loves whales!

Valentine’s Cupid Doll – Haru Leven Handicrafts

The free pattern for this adorable doll is available for download on Ravelry. This cute cupid features curly blonde hair, and wings, and is holding a heart.

Funny Bunny – lilleliis

A toy that the author states is great for beginners, this bunny is comprised of nine crocheted pieces. The instructions come in multiple languages, and the pattern takes only about one skein of yarn!

Crochet Teddy Bear with Heart – Amigurumi Today

It wouldn’t be a Valentine’s roundup without a teddy bear! I love how the pattern author has written this one, and how the photos help show you how to join the bear together in detail. This is a super cute pattern!

Crochet Valentine Roses

Crocheted Rose Pattern – My Giant Strawberry

This rose is dainty and unique. A perfect start for an entire bouquet of crochet flowers! The author shows how she has used these in multiple other projects to give you ideas for so many ways to use your roses.

Realistic Roses – Happy Berry

A beautiful long-stem rose, complete with leaves. This realistic rose will be one that sticks around way past a regular Valentine’s Rose and will last a lifetime. This pattern is made with great detail and the roses look lifelike.

How to Crochet a Rose (Video) – She’s Crafty via YouTube

In this easy to follow video, she walks you through the steps on how to crochet a rose. I love video tutorials because you can follow the instructions exactly and don’t end up having to undo as much if you make a mistake, because you can generally catch it right away. These roses are beautiful!

Rose Crochet Flower Pattern – Crochet Beja

A beautiful rose pattern, even showing it crocheted in multiple colors, and a video tutorial. I love the look of the two-color flowers.

Additional Valentine’s Day Crochet Patterns

Owl Will Always Love You: Caddy Crochet Pattern – Holly’s Hobbies

This cute little caddy can transport your Valentine’s Day cards or candy! I definitely couldn’t finish this post off without a cute owl pattern (you guys, I have a soft spot for owls). I think this might be a great idea for a teacher gift!

Crochet Heart Coffee Cozy – Once Upon a Cheerio

What a cute idea for a useful gift! Coffee cozy patterns are great for coffee lovers, and this one would also be great for Valentine’s Day!

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day pattern to crochet? If so, comment below!

Ways To Make Money with Crochet

Do you ever wish you could turn your hobby into a business and actually make money with crochet? It’s not as hard as it may seem. You already have the talent (and if you’re anything like the rest of us, more than enough yarn), so now all you need are some solid business ideas for where you can make some money from your talent.

how to make money with crochet

Crocheting starts as a hobby for most of us, and like many hobbies then takes over our lives. We spend so much time with our hooks and yarn and wonder if it’s possible if we could retreat to our own home office space and literally crochet the day away. I’m here to tell you that it IS possible.

Make Money with Crochet

There are so many ways you could make money off of your handmade crafts. I’ve listed a few, but if you can think of any more, please email or comment and let me know and I’ll add them to the post!

Pattern Testing

Do you know that there are pattern makers who will often hire others to test patterns for them? This is an excellent way to earn a few extra dollars, get a new free pattern, and you could also sell the finished product created with the pattern on your own (depending on your contract with the pattern designer). How do you find pattern makers? A simple google search for “crochet pattern tester” will give you a ton of results for places to apply.

Sell Your Crochet Products

If you love to crochet, and can produce finished items with ease, you might consider selling your finished work to others. There are several places where you can sell finished crochet items both online and offline. I’ve listed some ideas below:


  1. Etsy
  2. Ebay
  3. Facebook (page, groups, or marketplace)
  4. Amazon Handmade
  5. Website (by using a platform such as WooCommerce or Shopify)


  1. Independent Markets (Local Farmer’s Markets)
  2. Brick and Mortar Stores
  3. Craft Fairs

Teach Crochet

Another fantastic way to make money with crochet is to teach it to others. You can earn your certification to teach crochet through the Craft Yarn Council and use it to teach classes at your local craft stores or even private yarn and hobby shops. If you don’t have any local craft stores, you could apply to teach it at your local community college, or even set up an area in your home or at your local church or community building where you could offer classes.

Online – Start an online course to teach crochet by making videos and other written materials. Raise your hands if you’ve ever watched a YouTube video showing you how to crochet. You don’t have to be physically present to teach others how to crochet. In fact, this blog is a great place to start for how to learn crochet. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and watch for some of my online courses that will be offered after the first of the year!

Write About Crochet

An extended avenue for teaching is writing about crochet. Here are some ways you could do this and ways you could also earn money from it.

  • Start a Blog

With a crochet blog you are able to reach a lot of people by building an online presence and allowing them to read about what you are making. You’d make money through advertising on the blog and on social media to promote your blog posts. Companies such as Google Adsense allow you to earn money by placing their ad networks on your blog. (I’ll be writing more on this topic at a later date also!)

  • Write a Book

If you are a strong writer, write a book that is a reference guide for crochet stitches, or a collection of patterns you’ve written and sell. With self-publishing through Amazon CreateSpace, you’re able to produce physical copies of your books, as well as offer Kindle editions. 

  • Start a Crochet Magazine

If you think magazines are out, think again! As a crafter I love getting crochet magazines in the mail filled with patterns and inspiration. You could even build one online through a service like Issuu and offer it to your newsletter subscribers on your blog.

Sell Patterns

If you’re really good at coming up with original patterns, create and sell patterns either online or offline to others. For those who love crochet, creating your own patterns is often a place you find yourself in because you sometimes have trouble finding the one you want. Lots of people buy crochet patterns. Check out places like Etsy for reference.

Start a Brick and Mortar Yarn Business

I think this is everyone’s dream, starting a crochet business where you play with yarn all day long. If you started a yarn business, you’d actually be able to get a lot of great yarn at wholesale prices and resell it for retail prices, making a profit. You could even combine this option with teaching people how to crochet and selling your own patterns and handmade items.

Start a Legal Business

No matter which option you choose above for making money with crochet, if you plan on collecting money you need to make sure that your business is legal. Once you’ve chosen a name for your businesses, head on over to the Small Business Association to read more about steps you need to take in your own state related to starting a business. This step might seem difficult, but I promise you it is not. And it is worth it to have a legal business before you begin selling your work to make sure to protect both yourself and your customer.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Please share these ideas with your friends and follow me on social media to keep up-to-date with what I’m offering here on the blog!