About The Nerd

–amanda long

spoilers. . .

learned how to crochet twenty years ago, by a tutorial on a CD-ROM.

this was before You Tube, people.

got frustrated and quit.

saw a pot holder that I really liked and thought, I can make that.

made that.

started hooking to make extra money to pay the bills.

selling baby hats to my friends while I was a stay at home mom, also when I started blogging full time.

while blogging, learned that crochet was more than just a problem hobby.

became obsessed with creating blankets.

saw the Mario afghan. we all know which one I’m talking about. 

you know, the amazing Super Mario afghan that someone took eight years to make and went viral on Facebook?

again, thought I can do that! and some day I will have enough time. . .

started combining my love of crochet and my inner nerd.

comic cons are my jam, yo!

created my first crochet graph and made a Tardis lapghan.

but I made it backward and the window is on the wrong side. whoops.

discovered my excitement for crochet was beginning to inspire others to want to learn.

so I signed up to become an instructor.

created this website to connect with others who might share my love of yarn artistry and all things nerdy.

welcome! it’s nice to virtually meet you.

happy hookin’!  amanda

Introductions Are Awkward

and My Palms Are Sweaty

I’m Amanda, Chief Nerd and Crochet Entrepreneur, Crochet is my passion. I want to teach you so that it can be yours, too. Learn more about me here.

amanda long